5 Quick & Easy Financial Decisions You Can Make Now

There can always be improvements when it comes to personal finance.  Sure having the perfect finances can take years of work and discipline but there are a few areas that you can improve your financial success and only take a few minutes a piece and will leave you better set up for the future.

Sit Down with a Financial / Tax Advisor

I think a common mistake people often make is focusing on finding a financial advisor only, rather than a financial advisor who is also a CPA and has a deep and thorough knowledge of tax issues. Not only can they minimize your taxes owed, but they can deal with a tax lien on credit report statements and how to resolve them.

Figure Out a Budget

Make a list of all of your necessary monthly payments such as mortgage, car loan, utilities, add in a set amount for food, gas, and spending money, allowing enough to be set aside for a savings account and you have created your first budget.  Now the next step is sticking to it.  Each month review the progress and see how much money is left at the end, always striving to eliminate unnecessary senses and saving more money.

Get a Safe

Not only to protect documents from unlikely water, fire, or tornado damage, it is also good to know where every important document in your house is, so even a small safe is a good investment for little money.  Just do not forget the code you could be trying to crack it yourself.

Review Your Credit Report

It is good to review your credit report in detail at least yearly, with each of the three credit bureaus providing a copy of your credit report at no charge once a year.  If you want to track your score, credit card statements and online accounts now show scores updating each month.

Shop Around on Monthly Expenses

Whether it is your home or auto insurance, cable bill, or cell phone plan, it is always smart to review what you are currently spending and try to lower the payment.  It is easy to shop around for home and auto insurance with so many in the area, can get quotes from each.  Cable may be a little limited, but always threatening to cancel could spark a new promo rate for the upcoming year, and then when that runs out, call again and repeat.

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