New Ways to Save Money Packing your Lunch

Working at a hospital there are so many food options that I never need to pack my lunch.  From the main cafeteria with fresh pizza, made to order sandwiches, hot lunch, salad bar, and cheese burgers the possibilities are endless.  We are even lucky enough to use payroll deduction right off our ID badge when purchasing anything from the cafeteria, gift shop and coffee café.  From an outsiders perspective this might sounds amazing because you never need to carry cash or worry about not having money for lunch, but in reality it has hurt my bank account.  I started swiping my badge everywhere, the iced coffees were just too good to pass up and in one quick swipe of my badge the drink was mine.  I have wasted hundreds using my badge for things I didn’t need and the first thing I needed to do to fix this was to pack my lunch.  I have found some more unconventional ways to save money packing my lunch this year.

Buying iced coffee was my weakness and I knew I had to break that habit ASAP.  I started by making two large pots of regular black coffee at my house each Sunday and stored it in my fridge with sweetener and cream.  Every morning I just pour the homemade and pre-made iced coffee into my travel mug.  I have found some short cuts to the traditional meal prep idea, first just buy whole fruit don’t cut it up into fancy like cubes and store it in a Tupperware.  Then boil a dozen eggs one time a week and throw them in your bag, these things are quick, easy, and very affordable to bring.  If you enjoy eating salad for lunch, buy bagged salads or salad kits.  Just pack the whole bag on Monday in your lunch box with two yogurts, and leave it in your work fridge for two of three days.  Then you don’t have to pack your lunch every morning.  If you are lucky enough to have a work fridge, go shopping for you weekly lunches at a local grocery store during your Monday lunch break.  Store your snacks in your desk to keep you from wasting money at vending machine and fill your work freezer with frozen lunches.  If you can do these things then you will save yourself a ton of money when it comes to eating lunch.

As always, saving money is the ultimate goal to healthier finances and a happier life. Saving money is just the start, next is investing for a secure retirement. You can start investing with Banc De Binary, and take advantage of compounding investments year over year.

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