Traditional IRAs

Tax Treatment of Traditional IRA’s

The whole reason for opening a Traditional IRA instead of a simple savings account is the tax treatment of your contributions, earnings and withdrawals. This type of retirement plan was started in 1974 to give average workers a way of saving for retirement on a tax advantaged basis. Contributions to a Traditional IRA The contributions […]

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Who Should Open a Traditional IRA

The Traditional IRA concept is one of the best tax advantaged ways to save for retirement. Everyone should consider opening an IRA, but you may not be eligible or it just may not be right for your personal financial situation. So, before we consider who should open a Traditional IRA, we first need to review […]

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What is a Traditional IRA

The Traditional IRA was the original individual retirement plan which came into existence when the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 was passed by Congress. The intent of these plans was to allow a worker, who was not covered by a pension or 401k plan, to accumulate tax advantaged savings for eventual retirement. In […]

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